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Rules of Influence

The section on mentors is up front and shorter. The section on influences is about nine times as long as the one on mentors. One reason according to the author is not everyone gets to have an intentional mentor, but we all learn from those around us and who came before us.

No One to Teach

I was going to use this blog post to teach what I considered the most important point of the first four principles. I am always reminded of Dr. Richard Feynman’s remark about
Fermi-Dirac statistics, “I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t reduce it to the freshman level. That means we don’t really understand it ”. Sure, a blog post will lack the back and forth that teaching one on one to somebody which helps clarify the topic to you. Yet, the authors mention, even emphasize, that back and forth, as a key to learning by teaching.

Which Writing Guild

I tend to refer to the two categories as white collar and blue collar writers. One works at a leisurely pace that could be considered an air conditioned writer’s room. The other toils to make their 2,000 plus words per needed to keep up their multiple books per year pace.