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Sunday Reading

D4: The Gernsback Continuum Strikes Back

Not being satisfied with landing rockets on a fiery tale as God and Heinlein intended, SpaceX is building the Big Falcon Rocket out of stainless steel. Maybe William Gibson’s The Gernsback Continuum was about a future delayed, not missed.

D6: And it has its own sports league

I lived long enough to see jet pack racing become a thing. That is the 21st I was promised.

D8: Sometimes you shouldn’t leave a bad review

I would say the customer was full of it, but it is clear she is not at this point.

D12: In the past I needed to go to the Forgotten Realms to visit one

Paganism is on the rise as Europe becomes post-Christian. While so far these pagan revivals have retained the more peaceable changes that came with Christianity I wonder how long that will last.

D20: I hope his workplace doesn’t enforce you break it, you bought it

Always, always, always treat a weapon as loaded.

Video of the Week

Sunday Reading is very late this week, but that is fortuitious, because it lets me link all of you to this video. Given the proof will posted a week from today, you’ll have a full week to see if you can figure it out without being tempted to look.

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