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The Fight Starts Before You Do

I am going to do #75HARD. Actually, I’m going to do #LIFEHARD starting the day after LibertyCon. Both are about mental toughness, not physical fitness although physical fitness is part of both challenges.

If I needed proof of the mental toughness aspect it came around the idea of following a diet of my choice in alignment with my goals with no alcohol and no cheat days.

Tim Ferriss’s slow-carb diet, my diet of choice, includes a cheat day. Each week you’re supposed to take a day off.

“So that’s not a cheat meal, right? That’s just following your diet.” At least that’s what Andy Frisella calls your bitch voice was saying in my head.

That’s why you need to understand this is about mental toughness with physical fitness as a secondary benefit. Would I lose my fat if I took the weekly day off as designed? Probably. Any discusses that in the podcast, if you’re only doing this to lose weight there are easier and better programs.

But if your primary goal is to work on your mental toughness muscle then, no, the day off is contrary to your goals. The mental toughness starts not with waking up on day one but on day minus however many days between choosing to do #LIVEHARD and starting. It begins, at a much lower level, when you choose to do it right and not half-assed.

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