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Scoop Your Boxes

As I’ve long said if members of the super mommy, Christian mommy, or lifestyle submissives begin to adopt something you know the other two communities aren’t far behind. This is part of how I discovered Flylady. Fly, in this case, is “finally loving yourself” and expressing that love through maintaining a good living space.

In a similar vein Jordan Peterson exorts people to “clean your room.” He argues the reduction of chaos and increase in control is transformative. Sure, cleaning your room isn’t much but it is something. As with the Flying program he argues for great oaks growing out of little seeds.

Perhaps for a man with two cats you shouldn’t start with “shine your sink” but with “scoop the litter”. After all, that is the first things guests, those people who don’t have over because of chaos (“can’t have anyone over syndrome”), notice. From air freshener ads to geek fallacies (“cat piss man”) cat odors, specifically liter box odors, are legendary.

There is probably something to be said for combating chaos by controlling something about a cat. It seems small but by controlling cat chaos you are playing at an advanced level.

I mean, it is cat chaos.

What I am learning, and this applied to my writing, is new routines and behaviors, not just habits but other behaviors, need to start with small step. Dave Ramsey calls his financial plan baby steps, after all.

In writing I want to get to where I put out 6-12 pulp books (40-60K words) per year although some of that might be cumulative short stories. That means a minimum of 1000 words a day and twice is a more reasonable goal to allow for dead ends and cuts.

Right now my goal is 410/day. Every Sunday I average the last seven days and my goal for the coming week is the higher of a ten percent increase over the prior week or 300. Writing every day, or nearly every day, is vital but I need a baby step like remembering to scoop the boxes twice a day.

Perhaps I should set a goal to “scoop then write” twice a day.

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