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Sunday Reading

Welcome to your Sunday Reading. Starting with this month’s newsletter, Sunday Reading will also go to those on the mailing list. Friday’s newsletter contained both March links. So, if we’re interested in having an archive of links to Sunday Reading all in one place, subscribe to the newsletter.

D4: Autism is very modern, in geologic terms

I found this interesting. With the ongoing discussion of how much Neanderthal DNA is in modern humans and how that affects the populations that have said DNA I expect to see more stories along these lines.

D6: File under ‘They needed a study to learn that’

The single best line occurs early: Research on cats is slim compared with research on dogs. That may be because cats can’t be bothered to participate in the experiments.

D8: A little fairy godmother

I forget where I first got pointed to Alice’s Kids, but it was in a story about their explosive growth when they showed up in the Washington Post earlier this year. Consider giving a dollar or two as they are the kind of charity that does things only requiring a dollar or two.

D12: I guessed why when I read the story

I am actually excited to see what the results of this study would be. Is life that hardy? What would we learn about needed lunar shelters.

D20: Now that would be a day at the range

I like going to the range. But wow, I’d love going to the range as an author for a tactical magazine.

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