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Sunday Reading

Today is the Fifth Sunday of Pascha: Samarian Woman Sunday and After-feast of Mid-Pentecost.

Today’s Epistle is The Acts of the Saintly and Pure Apostles, 11:19–30.

Today’s Gospel is The Holy Gospel According to Saint John, 4:5–42.

Full roll this week with a double on one die. Use it in a game with bonuses for matches such as [Unknown Armies][armies] cherries or [One Role Engine][ote].

D4: The science is settled

The question is was it funded by Dominos, Papa Johns, the Hut, Marcos, or Shakey’s.

D6: The insane limits of spoiler avoidance

Yes, this is a parody site, but ask yourself if this isn’t the best explanation on offer.

Page 32 of the Voynich manuscript, featuring floral illustrations.

D8: Someone has cracked the ultimate code or maybe they haven’t

I have to say, I’m leaning to no. Sure, sometimes not being trapped by prior thoughts means you find a new path, but that’s a quick timeline.

D12: Washington state moves closer to Soylent Green

After all, where will the compost go.

D20: Type IV has some good things

And its monster creation rules were one of them. This web app (there are also PDFs of the system) brings it to Fifth Edition.

Video of the Week

I had a very hard time writing this week. I missed Thursday’s blog and would have missed Tuesday’s post if it hadn’t been for Mary Spender this week. Her Tuesday Talk this week, which I listened to on my Tuesday lunch walk got me moving.

After this one, check out her music as well.

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