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Sunday Reading 2018-01-07

D4: Groundhog Day Resolutions

It is the end of the first week of the year.  Have you already failed on one or more resolutions?  David Seah has a better way involving resolutions based on Groundhog Day.

D6: Is Truly Indie Film Here

Yes, we have had indie film forever.  RKO was artist controlled film for its day.  Clerks is a classic indie film. The author here sees something closer to what Kindle Direct Publishing set off for writers.

D8: The General Social Complexity Factor is a Thing

I am familiar with PCA in economics but I had never seen this usage until this article.  The graph has its own article on Infogalactic which is worth reading.

Video of the Week

Need an interesting wood project, that is not a bird house, to make with a kid why not a secret compartment box.

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