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Sunday Reading 2018-04-01, Western Easter

D4: Pandora’s Gun
D6: DIY Aluminum Lower Receiver

I’m not a fan of the 3D printed firearms, but not because they do not work. I lack the printer but have decent, if atrophied, machining and metal working skills. I am more likely to use such methods if needed. Still, the broader point of the genie being well out of the bottle is worth remember. Another to remember is it is easier to design primitive automatic weapons (see the Sten gun) than primitive semi-automatic ones.

D8: Cat Define Musical Notation

Not a lot to add to this, but if you know musical notation it is very fun.

D10: More Numberless Stars
D12: More Deviant Gaming

Last weekend I found nearly all the Werewolf: The Forsaken books I did not already own. To round the collection out I ordered a printed copy of the second edition as second edition Mage: The Awakening and Demon: The Descent. I also included the new edition of Stars Without Numbers whose Kickstarter I had completely missed. In following up on the Chronicles of Darkness, which I am still inclined to call the New World of Darkness (old habits die hard), I found the next game in the series, Deviant: The Renegades. It looks pretty interesting and if they Kickstart it I think I will get on-board.

Video of the Week

One of the essays this past week was The Slavery of Free Verse by Chesterton. His argument is free verse reduces poetry to mere speech. Speech, he contends is constrained by a multitude of unspoken rules. When we substitute a formal set of rules instead of the unspoken ones, such as the requirement of length, rhyme, and meter that define a Shakespearean sonnet, we free ourselves to write in a more open manner. In that same vein, where restrictions allow creative freedom, this week’s video by Adam Neely illustrates the creativity engendered by using a Casio Rapman for a gig and writing a single song.

As an aside, I may write about one brick on Peachtree someday.

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