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Sunday Reading

Today is the Sunday of the After-feast of the Ascension

Today’s Epistle reading is The Acts of the Saintly and Pure Apostles, 20:16–18, 28–36.

Today’s Gospel reading is The Holy Gospel According to Saint John, 17:1–13.

A shorter list this week.

D4: The chance to succeed means the chance to fail

I’m sorry to see Stratolaunch go. Not only have the built the world’s biggest airplane, but I’m a big fan of drop launch. Still, not every private space firm will succeed. That is the price of the freedom to try.

D6: Chuck who?

The odd thing about celebrating the 75th anniversary of D-Day by doing what you did on D-Day, parachuting into Normandy, is it is easier at 97 than 22. You get to do it in day light and without people trying to kill you.

Sorry for a short week, but life has been busy.

Video of the Week:

Yes, it is ad for a given Arturia controller, but as someone who has “build you own modular synth from components” in the project list, and a lot of notes, three books worth, on doing so, I really enjoyed seeing the AfroRack.

He has a channel and I have subscribed. I’ve watched some other videos as well, but figured it was best to share what brought me to him.

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