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Tag: politics

I Bought a Book

Powell’s had the chance to show the protesters what the real signal would be like. They could have spent the labor to put up a display and invited Ngo to sign books. They could have accepted the cost of the broken window and the free publicity of protests. They could have risked the inevitable arson attempt. They could have been everything independent booksellers claim to be.

An Open Letter to Emily VanDerWerff

It seems like Matt was a good colleague and perhaps even a friend. I wish that was more valuable in your world than him never signaling something you disagreed with in public. I wish it had at least had enough value for you to bring your concerns to Matt in private instead of airing them in a way which has poisoned not only your relationship with Matt, but with the entire staff.

Faith in the Future

I would not say they cannot create, although I will say they have less faith in their ability to create than the artists and patrons who created the statues they set out to destroy. If they consider the destruction of these statues as more important than any statue they might create to counter the first they are granting the first greater power.

Assault in RPGs

She gave up the chance to answer my question, because it was sincere. I wanted to know if we were discussing assault in general terms, sexual assault broadly, or sexual assault of player characters. I asked about the last of those, figuring if it was not the case we would at least get some clarity on where the discussion was.

Fourth of July

On July 4th, 1976, I was nine. The whole year had been consumed by the Bicentennial Celebration. There was the Freedom Train touring the country, though it did not pass close to me. I first saw 1776 on television that year. I would not see it again until a few years ago when I purchased it on BluRay.

Is the State Inevitable?

Now, the state is not something you see in lobsters. The state, government, is not even something you can observe among other primates to the best of my knowledge. Yes, primate bands have an elite and a hierarchy. Chimps, at least, enforce the borders of a band’s territory. However, this is closer to human clans than the state.