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Sunday Reading 2018/12/02

D4: Devoted, to Competence, to Friends

There are two things I admire very much, competence and loyalty. David Mamet remembers a friend who embodied both.

D6: Just Something

While Sarah Hoyt says it is just something, to me it was something cool. I hope we will see more of it.

D8: The First Culture War

The West broke in 1914. There are still arguments about how and why, but it is hard to argue the world of July 1914 and the world of November 1918 were the same world.

D12: Because the PiPD–8 Wasn’t Enough

You can now have the Blinkenlights experience with SimH on the machine that made Unix (even though Unix started on the PDP–7). There are version of Unix for it out there including Version 7 (which was superior to all its predecessors and its successors).

D20: Living Heroes Young and Old

I did not know there was a Medal of Honor convention. Given how often it is awarded posthumously it is good to see there are enough people to have the gathering.

Video of the Week:

YouTube puts videos that may be offensive into limited state. Somehow or another I came across one and decided to make it the video of the week. This odd because there are other videos from the same channel that would seem much more offensive than this one.

Regardless of why YouTube considers it offensive as soon as I saw the limited state I knew it would be my video of the week. Consider it a Video of the Week version of reading a banned book. Because of the limited state you cannot watch it embedded in my site, even though I used the standard embed format, but you will have to click through to YouTube.

Please show YouTube you are not afraid of words by clicking through.

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