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Honk, Honk

If you ask a Democrat who runs the world, the answer will probably Putin through his puppet Trump.

If you ask a Republican who runs the world, the answer will probably be the Democrats through the media.

If you ask a John Bircher who runs the world, the answer will probably be the Trilateral Commission.

If you ask an Alex Jones fan who runs the world, the answer will probably be the chemical companies who are turning the frogs gay.

And all of them will be wrong.

I know who runs the world. 4Chan runs the world, specifically the board /pol (in case you don’t know, neither of those links is safe for work).

Why do I say that? Consider this news story. The Chicago Cubs banned a fan for life from Wrigley Field for flashing a white supremacy signal behind a black sports caster. You can’t see the symbol because NBC has blurred it out. NBC is not the only news coverage.

The white supremacy sign he flashed, and that is so offense it has to be blurred out? It is the familiar okay thumb and forefinger.

This is far from the first instance of the okay symbol being removed for being a white supremacy sign. Netherrealm pulled it from Johnny Cage in the latest Mortal Combat game. Blizzard has banned it from Overwatch League games. Someone flashing it during disaster relief faced military discipline.

Hell, if you are reading this I bet you’ve flashed it at least once. Why are you a white supremest? Who knew there were so many open white supremacists out there.

No one did, because there aren’t that many. The okay symbol is not a white supremacy symbol even if it is being treated like one.

Why is it being treated like one? 4Chan did it via Operation O-KKK.

The NBC story initially had the history of the 4Chan prank, but it isn’t a prank anymore. As the Anti-Defamation League link above shows, this started as a prank. The handful of actual white supremacists embraced.

So now a major league sports team and NBC news have let the white supremacists have a universal symbol that things are all right. All the other media links also treat it as a white supremacy symbol first and foremost.


Because 4Chan told them to.

There is another meme out there, Clown Pepe. Despite some claims it isn’t racist, although 4Chan is working on it. It is a nihilist idea promoting the idea we are in Clown World. A concept people my age used the phrase “Bizarro World”, after Bizarro Superman to describe.

However, anymore I use the “honk, honk” of Clown World. Bizzaro world doesn’t work because even Bizarro Superman is amazed.

Why is he amazed?

Because even Bizarro World isn’t ruled by Bizarro 4Chan.

But our world is.

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  1. BobtheRegisterredFool BobtheRegisterredFool

    Technically, I am still registered as a Republican. 🙂

    I would argue that ‘who rules the world’ has a false assumption in it, that there is such a thing as a small party of human who rule the world. Then go deep into the weeds of how I think all of this really works.

    And if someone pointed out that Jesus Christ really has supreme power over the world, I would be irritated, because that would not be the context I was thinking in, and it would be an unpleasant mental shock to shift suddenly to address that.

    Democrat media influence is significant and important, but just looking at the political leadership in America fails to capture the full dynamics of the system. Especially during periods of significant and scary change, or crises, which are interesting cases which we would want to understand.

    Know your meme deserves a warning the way people are always claiming TV tropes does. (I was able to quit TV tropes, and the fork of TV tropes, due mainly to my anger at how they handled Kratman, per what I heard one time on the Kratskeller. )

    • The idea of the world having a ruler is, of course, nonsensical. Even God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit are not rulers in the sense indicated here, as you point out. What some Catholics have refereed to as the Powers of the Middle Air have a greater claim.

      However, in the sense that there are puppet masters pulling strings I think it is very odd how powerful /pol on 4Chan has become. The earliest version of the NBC story actually referenced how “the okay signal is a white power signal” began as a 4Chan prank.

      That it is more than a 4Chan prank isn’t due to white supremacists adopting it. It is due to mainstream institutions deferring to 4Chan and white supremacists. In my wildest dreams I never thought major institutions would surrender to a handful of internet trolls out to destroy those same institutions.

      • BobtheRegisterredFool BobtheRegisterredFool

        The trolls are a convenient excuse for the mainstream institutions.

        Two perspectives are important to consider here. One is held by some blacks, believing that the status quo can be described as and is caused by a complete white investment in the murder of blacks. Only a little bit of hyperbole and simplification in that. All the evidence that can be found using other areas of expertise that not anywhere near enough blacks are being murdered for such to be backed by all whites can be discarded. It can be discarded if one picks ones operating theories for those expertise areas based on agreement with the idea that whites all really want to murder blacks. The other perspective that is important is a malicious leftist one that seeks to use media gaslighting to accomplish the leftist religious goal. And or personal power.

        For the first perspective, false positives for white supremacism aren’t a problem because whites are all white supremacist anyway. The first perspective sees white interest in addressing past mistreatment of blacks as purely a result of intimidation by the threat of black force. Since all whites are supremacist, fearful, and willing to correct their behavior because they are fearful, the sticking point is getting whites to admit that a given behavior is white supremacist, because it will then be corrected.

        For the second perspective, false positives are not a problem because the point is forcing people to admit to wrong doing, whether or not it was really wrong. Same logic as struggle sessions.

        Neither perspective focuses on how false positives can harm their interests, so they cherrypick 4chan and the white supremacists as authoritative and representative. Just like media cherrypicks to create certain impressions of blacks.

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