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Sunday Sharing 2020-09-27

Today is the Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost & the First Sunday of Luke. It is the feast of Martyr Kallistratos and the 49 Martyrs with him.

Today’s Epistle is Second Corinthians(6:1–10).

Today’s Gospel is The the Holy Gospel according to St. Luke (5:1–11).


It has been a long week. I got a first draft of a new short, “Fire Flowers”, completed. It is my second Leo and Zoe story. I also started working through the first draft of “Family Sword”, a short whose first draft I finished back in April. I am considering it for inclusion in the October newsletter, so if you’re interested in free short fiction subscribe now.

I started my third post on *The Illiad*, but did not finish it for Saturday. I am trying to decide if I should publish it today, a day late, or hold to the Saint John’s reading posts are for Saturday and post it next Saturday. Thoughts on which way to go are appreciated.


D4: Be excellent to each other

This is especially appropriate to Sunday Sharing because of author’s insight about what charity is really about. This was a crucial insight into the purpose of charity and alms along the path to salvation so heavily emphasized among Orthodox Christians.

D6: The Kings of Rome

Not only is the read entertaining, but Roman myths about their own founding are world building at its finest. Does you principle kingdom in your fantasy novel or game have this level of entertaining history?

D8: All Hail the Hero of Antares

The Drey Prescott series, as told to Alan Burt Akers aka Kenneth Bulmer, is the leading contender for the greatest Sword & Planet series every, surpassing even the originator of the style, Edgar Rice Burroughs. It is also a interesting case of “we’re big in Belgium” with the last few of the series being released in German due to popularity long before being released in Bulmer’s native English.

D12: Was there already a big kaboom?

More evidence for the Giant Impact Theory on the formation of the Moon? Are all those cartoons of Marvin the Martian trying to blow up Earth historical documentaries on what drove that impact?

D20: Enterprise Quality Coding

Be afraid. Be very afraid. It includes nearly all bad ideas out there, including the non-satirical inclusion of a code of conduct.

Book of the Week

There is nothing new in Tiny Habits in terms of science or even basic ideas. I have encountered the same material in The Power of Habit and Atomic Habits. What gets Tiny Habits a book of the week entry is the framework it offers for applying the science.

I have listened to all three books, but it was only during, not after but during, listening to Tiny Habits that I applied to tools. My periodontist and his staff had been on me to use a WaterPik. I tried but developed no real habit. Applying Dr. Fogg’s “The Power of After” and his absolute minimalism in the initial version of the action I got through over three weeks before I thought about being lazy and not using the WaterPik. That’s when the power came, because I had a sense of pressure in doing doing it.

I wasn’t just remembering to waterpik. I was developing a habit and a pretty strong one. Since then I’m working on push-up after I let the cats out and meditating after oral care before bed.

So, if you’re trying to figure out how to develop habits I recommend Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg, PhD.

Music of the Week

This week’s music is not a song, but an three suites of pieces. I have always loved Handel’s Water Music. It was composed to meet a request of George I for a concert on the Thames. The premiere was performed on a barge being driven up the Thames by the incoming tide while the king and his party listened from another barge.

I’ve been listening to it quite a bit and while I’m not in a river, the humidity and rain in Atlanta provided plenty of water.

Video of the Week

Every hero has an origin story, why shouldn’t Simon’s cat.

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