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K is for Kobo

is a rough letter. For days all I could think of was knowledge. I finally resorted to using a scrabble reference site for words starting with K. That’s when I saw kobo.

Which reminded me of Kobo Writing Life.

Kobo is both an ebook reader, the first to be waterproof thus usable in the tub, and the publishing platform to go with the reader. It is the number one ebook store in some nations, although in most of the English-speaking world it is second fiddle to Kindle Direct Publishing.

There are other alternatives to KDP. The issue with using them is it locks you out of Kindle Unlimited. I don’t have enough out there to know if wide or narrow will pay better, but my inclination is to stay wide, that is go to Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks, and others instead of getting in Kindle Unlimited. I do not want to be tied to one method.

Long term, I would like to have an e-commerce store front of my own and sell as much as possible through this site.

All of that is for the future. First, I have to get a novel into publishable shape. Second, I need to get out the second, and so on through at least the twentieth item on the to-do list. Still, thinking of what can be in the items after that now is worth doing.

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    • Learning that newer eReaders had touch screens that worked through a ziplock bag and thus could be used in the tub was crucial to me finally embracing eBooks.

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