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Sunday Reading

D4: Treat your players well

Don’t spoil them with too much treasure, but don’t make them wait until level 10 for a +1 sword. More than anything, let them shape the story. There is no plan so crazy that you should not either say “yes” (or “yes, and” or “yes, but”) or come up with a dice roll to give them a shot.

D6: Overcoming the shadow of Von Braun

Willy Ley proposed as early as the 1944, if not earlier, the idea of using aircraft as the first stage of a launch system. Spaceship One and its successor Spaceship Two are launched from their respective White Knight aircraft, but these are small suborbital ships. Now, an aircraft designed to carry a half a million pound rocket for drop launch is about to take its first flight.

We are finally moving out of the shadow of Von Braun and his massive boosters from the ground up.

D8: What were the voltage requirements for a CP1610 CPU?

Looking for information on older microprocessors then this collection of documents is a treasure trove. Even if you don’t need specific information browsing it is a great way to see the history of the machines we spend so much time using.

Short list as I’m still on the road. See you Tuesday, but until then why not watch the

Video of the Week

Katelyn Ohashi shows us what perfection looks like.

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