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Sunday Reading 2018-05-13

D4: Story in a Flash

As promised way back in But I Want to Write here is a link to the story on writing flash fiction which defines literary as a genre.

D6: A Thirty Year Old Cult

I loved this album when it came out. It is hard to believe it has been thirty years since its release.

D8: Rewarding Fraud

It is bad enough in the US paternity fraud is ignored in law, but I think this German case is one step beyond that. Why is 18+ years of servitude an acceptable punishment for bad taste in women?

D10: New Relatives
D12: In a New Development

Just two new examples of how humanity is so much bigger and spread-out than we ever realize.

D20: Rethinking The Past

Revisionist history is for amateurs. I love revisionist cosmology.

Video of the Week

One of the someday projects I have is building my own 8-bit computer. For personal reasons I’m inclined to use a 6502 family microprocessor with the 6800 family as second choice.

Back in the day, however, the chip of choice was the Z80. Even today, people will do it. Even Ben Heck.

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