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Sunday Reading 2018-03-11

Welcome back to Sunday Reading. It has been on a break but we are back.

D4: Two Way Quantum Communication
While interesting this doesn’t defeat the light limitation on communication. Still it is interesting.

D6: Drake’s Assumption
Robert Zubrin has an interesting take on the famous Drake Equation. Zubrin has a point that multiple civilizations can develop in a given star system despite the stupid quote that one can’t come after us on Earth because we used everything up. However, I’m not convinced he has the right approach in the context of the Drake equation. I think he’s got a good upper bound to compliment Drake’s lower bound.

Video of the Week
I went back and forth on picking a video. Finally, I decided that some fun music was better than wading into a controversial issue. So, yet me present Patty Gurdy. The young lady is intent on making the hurdy gurdy more mainstream and I approve that message.

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