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Sunday Reading

Welcome to the return, later in the day than usual, return of Sunday Reading. It is a short list today, but a goal for March is returning to a full set of Pythagorean solids every week.

D4: As God and Heinlein Intended

I will never live long enough, or perhaps I should say I don’t want to live long enough, for a Falcon 9 landing to get old. I think I can say this with some confidence as I wept with joy just as much early Saturday morning (barely after midnight) when I watched SpaceX land a rocket on its tail after a successful flight for the 50th time.

D6: Speaking of SpaceX

Elon Musk’s fortune exists to settle Mars. In that he embodies the mindset of one of Heinlein’s greatest, if too often forgotten heroes, Delos David Harriman, who was The Man Who Sold the Moon. The idea of a SpaceX Starship a week until a fleet of a thousand exists is both the storytelling of a salesman and the passion of a man who will take whatever actions he needs to get there.

I just hope the monument the Martians build to him is next to the long dead Curiosity rover, the best rover, and consists of finding his Tesla Roadster and putting it there.

D8: Sing to Me of the Poet

I ran across this by accident while researching preferred translations of Homer. I had meant to pack my Fagles while on my trip, but forgot. It is not available as an ebook, but Butler is and for less than a dollar. Ms. Brann’s thoughts, and as a tutor at St. John’s College she sets many students on the trail of Homer every year, about approaching the Greek epics are well worth reading.

D12: Houston Remains Perfect

I am very much enjoying the new XFL. Much as I did when the Wolfpack came to Hartfort after the now Hurricanes left, I find the lower level of play more than compensated for by the enthusiasm of the players.

And I’ve become quite the Roughnecks fan given my roots in southeast Texas.

Video of the Week

There were a lot of videos on making things that caught my fancy this week. In the end, I choose this one, because it is both a practical project I might tackle and one that would present a mild challenge.

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  1. BobtheRegisterredFool BobtheRegisterredFool

    I don’t have much to say about my own non-fiction reading. That platonic solids link reminds me a little that I have been reading of math history.

    Fiction reading includes, as usual, a bunch of fanfic. Lately I’ve also been reading the samples for Isekai LN on Amazon.

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