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Sunday Reading 2018-01-21

D4: The King is Dead, Gentlemen

Whether I’m still the active king of Romania or not, it is still my duty to look after my country.

The last king of Romania has died. The world is the worse for it.

D6: Consent is Not the Whole of Morality

I was starting to worry given I haven’t linked Ms. McArdle this month. Her disucssion of why women today seem so hopeless rings true. Since the Anita Hill accusations I have been confused in that the women on display do not match the women I know. The wilting violets do not match my mother, grandmothers, or sister. Of my two aunts perhaps one would collapse if a man made a rude suggestion.

Each of them would handle it different on a range from engaging in a dick measuring contest to deploying the viciousness in a velvet glove of politeness of the traditional southern belle. The recognition of all these forms of female power is how I got interested in the writing of [Camile Paglia] as she was the first, and still one of the few, feminists who wrote about women I have known.

We have stolen the ability to talk about different kinds of men as well. As McArdle points out we have reduced rakes, cad, and rapists all to a common man and then demanded we treat them all as rapists. As McArdle wrote a year and a half ago we will not be able to both consider rakes as rapists and maintain our penalties for rape. What we need is to restore language that differentiates between the rake, the cad, and the rapist.

D8: Is It a Choice When It Is the Only One

This is linked in the McArdle articles but I want to point it out. Munger is well worth reading on anything in economics but here he is trying to address one of the strongest complaints about markets.

Video of the Week

With a real layout started my next step is structures. Desire for uniqueness, interest in modeling, and desire to have an inexpensive hobby all intersect to encourage me to try scratch building.

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