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Sunday Reading

D4: Things That Make You Say ‘Duh’

I know someone with PTSD. If you do any basic research you’ll know trigger warnings are highly specific to the trauma that caused the PTSD. It is a particular shade of blue or the scent of raw honeysuckle or some other random thing. It is not words on a page.

Also being triggered is not the same as being activated. If you have time to gage your reaction and say, “I’m being triggered,” you aren’t. At most you are being activated.

D6: Read Like a Marine

Here is the most recent version of the Commandant of the Marine Corps’s recommended reading. If you are thinking about joining the Corps there are parts of the list for you. If you already are, there are parts by grade. If you just want an insight into what the leadership of the Marine Corps thinks is worth knowing, well the whole list is for you.

It is good to see Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein back on the list. It is listed for both entry level officers and enlisted (midshipmen/recruits). Three other books appear on both lists. For those of us who aren’t and never will be marines I suspect those four books are a good place to start.

D8: It’s a Floor Cleaner

I suspect it is edible, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a desert topping. It is very effective. I got the best mopping I have on our kitchen with it which I consider a good omen on my first attempt at homemade cleaners.

D10: Is It Big Enough For Three

A desk for cats and humans is interesting. I usually have at least one of my three at the desk with me. George is on the windows seats behind the desk, unless I have food in which case he is on the floor trying to convince me he is about to starve to death. Abi usually wants on my lap or to be held, but sometimes gets on the desk.

As for Sable, he is the reason I have a monitor stand and a keyboard draw. His spot is taking up as much of the desk as possible right in front of me.

D12: The Past Was Not Black and White

This are beautiful color photos. I’m sure I’m opening myself to criticism, but the first thing that jumped out at me was how the women were very feminine. Yes, I know these pictures are posed, but even posed women today aren’t feminine this way often. They are hot; they are sexy; the are desirable. However, modern women often don’t shoot for feminine. The two images of Christina in Red are some of the best bathing suit images even though they wouldn’t fit into a modern magazine swimsuit issue.

D20: Out of Africa, But Still Missing It

It seems like after thousands of years and at least two rounds of glacian for people in the northern hemisphere our bodies still want to be on the Veldt.

Video of the Week

In all the discussion of Captain Marvel and how it is a step forward for women and how we finally have a woman as an action hero I am left, as I often am, wondering how we forgot about Emma Peel.

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