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Sunday Sharing – 2020/07/26

Today is the feast of the Holy Righteous Martyr Paraskeva of Rome & Seventh Sunday of Matthew

Today’s Epistle is Galatians. (3:23–4:5)

Today’s Gospel is The the Holy Gospel according to St. Matthew. (9:27–35)

D4: The Things That Matter
D6: The Ape Who Loves

Earlier this week, in the wake of my friend Sarah’s loss of her cat Greebo, I wrote there is no such thing as just a cat. These are her reflections in the days since. I find the second, and the comments thread, very thought provoking as a man whose Twitter profile ends with “I like cats more than people.”

D8: More on scenius

The other day I wrote Austen Kleon’s book Show Your Work and the idea of scenius. Here’s more on the topic.

D12: Nature abhors a vacuum, even in myths

Like a lot of older people, I find myself wanted to yell at young people who can only frame moral questions in terms of Harry Potter to “read another book”. It is not just that I want a different comparison, but another book would interact with Potter and, one hopes, lead to more complex moral evaluations beyond “people I don’t like are Voldemort”. With that in mind, I found David’s discussion on why millennials are so obsessed with Potter interesting reading.

D20: The last thing 2020 needs is accidental hybrids

Sure, a crossbreed of a paddle fish and the Russian sturgeon seems harmless, but this 2020.

Video of the Week

I am a fan of excellent Timothy Hutton and Maury Chaykin led, troupe centered A Nero Wolfe Mystery series. While I cannot imagine anyone by Chaykin in the role of Wolfe, this unbought pilot for 1959 series starring William Shanter as Archie Goodwin left me curious as to how he would have done in the role in the long haul.

Song of the Week

I’ll let this comment service as my description: “When your mom wont let you play dungeons and dragons so you start a band instead.”

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