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Sunday Sharing 2020-09-06

Today is the Thirteenth Sunday of Pentecost & The Thirteenth Sunday of Matthew. We celebrate the holy martyrs Eudoxios, Zeno, and Makarios at Melitene in Armenia

Today’s Epistle is the First Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians(16:13–24)

Today’s Gospel is The the Holy Gospel according to St. Matthew. (21:33–42)

D4: Pirates of the Pancreas

As a type II diabetic, life can suck. I cannot imagine how it is for kids, who are mostly type I. Maybe they won’t have to learn those habits in a few years.

D6: Fish hounds is my new name for otters

One of the essays I’ve read for the Bradbury challenge looked at animal rights through a lens of animals and humans as partners. I think in the industrial world we too easily forget that domestic animals arose often not as food, but as partners in finding and saving food.

D8: The best thing to happen to GURPS was Dungeon Fantasy

Dungeon Fantasy is a great example of using GURPS as a toolkit. It uses templates to build something similar to classes and cuts down the options, on both sides of the screen, to optimize the game for genre. SJ Games has done similar work for action as a genre and monster hunting.

That’s great if they cover something you wanted, but what if you want to build something else. Psi-Wars is a worked example of creating such a framework for your specific campaign idea.

D12: He was promoted to Admiral, not General

I think there are good reasons for the new Space Force to use Naval ranks. Yes, science fiction tradition is one of them. That is a cultural assumption and it deserves some respect. If you don’t like that argument, the idea that as a force attached to the Air Force, using a distinct rank system will aid it in maintaining its own identity. The Marine Corps has a similar relationship with the Navy and uses mostly Army ranks. Some of the NCO ranks are a bit different.

D20: The real reason I quite watching the NBA

With kowtowing to China and making open political statements, dumping on the NBA is a popular activity right now, at least on the Right. I can’t join in not watching as I quit watching two decades ago when they screwed up defense to run up scoring.

Book of the Week

I have time and again tried to develop new habits. Everyone wants to be healthier, happier, more productive and so on. I’ve read a lot of books on the topic, but Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg, PhD. Is the first one to really resonate. It has no new information about habits. What it has is the first set of tools that worked for me.

I listened to the audiobook on my “commute” (driving around the Atlanta Perimeter after a day of working at home to decompress) and on a recent drive to Pennsylvania. As the author recommended, I started small: “After I turn out the lights to head to bed I will Waterpik one tooth.” The waterpik is something my periodontist has been on me to adopt.

Three weeks in it is working. I now feel a pressure to make sure I do it instead of just reciting the trigger as I do it.

If habit forming advice hasn’t gelled for you, I recommend it.

Song of the Week

Mary Spender is a YouTuber I first saw on a Frog Leap Studios metal cover of “Sultans of Swing”. “A Little Bit of Madness” is my favorite cut from her EP When Words Fail.

Video of the Week

I only discovered Diane earlier this year, but she’s second only to Bill Burr in terms of my favorite comic. Maybe she’s second; she might be first.

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