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Sunday Reading

Good morning. Today is the third Sunday of Pascha, the Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing Women, Joseph of Arimathea, and Nicodemus.

Today’s Epistle is from the Acts of the Saintly and Pure Apostles, 6:1–7.. Today’s Gospel is from the Holy Gospel According to Saint Mark, 15:43–16:8.

D4: The Hero is a Human Who Faces Dragons

Great essay on the of the hero in fantasy and his role. While I am not in complete agreement with Misha, specifically I think he he ignores a moral component in Law and Chaos. While it is not the same as good versus evil, the reality that Chaos threatens the existence of man even more than evil does, adds a moral dimension to this discussion. You might argue the split of the genres of fantasy and horror from the fantastic fiction (or weird fiction) core centers on that threat and its being stopped or its success respectively.

D6: The World’s Oldest Cat

Yes, we have a cat story. If you’ll remember, you faithful author openly declares “I like cats more than people” in his Twitter bio with more details on my FAQ. As such I value cat life extension more than human life extension at this point.

D8: Truly Horrific Event in Game of Thrones (spoiler free)

I cannot imagine this quality production let a mistake like this creep in.

d12: Space, Everyone is Doing It d20: Even Amazon

Lots of great space news this week: the Japanese innovate in low cost to orbit, the Veep argues Falcon Heavy is the way to get to the Moon, and Jeff Bezos has a plan on providing a drink of water when we get there

Video of the Week:

I have been familiar with various ideas on sea steading since at least the nineties. I know David Friedman has written about it (although I know his writing on medieval cooking more). I think my big introduction was [The Millennial Project][project], where it is part one of an eight step plan to colonize the galaxy. Very relavent to today’s video is thie criticism of the book mentioned on Wikipedia:

The book has drawn some criticism in that while it is replete with details concerning OTEC construction and space colonization, it touches very little on the subject of how governments and societies will need to change to enact the Project.

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