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Sunday Sharing 2021-09-19

Today is the Sunday after the Elevation of the Holy Cross

Today’s Epistle reading is The Epistle of Paul to the Galatians (2:16-20)

Today’s Gospel reading is The Holy Gospel According to st. Mark (8:35-9:1)


The black dog has eaten my homework since late August. I have not been writing, but today I’m going to attempt to get 1000 words in, which I had been hitting as a minimum before I just lost the drive to write. The current story is called “The Conductor”. It is inspired by the book West of Jesus. It only needs about a thousand words to finish.

It has mostly been raining here the past few days which means George and Sable have been in a lot. Certainly more than George would like, especially with his little brother Angus thinking that means it is time to play.

Oh, and I’ve started reading all of Marvel Comic’s Silver Age books (see D8 below)


D4 A dash of rhetoric

Leave it to Tom to send me to my half-read Aristotle. I think his point about the purpose of formal English, at least in its minimal form, is not classist but functional is right. The need for minimal formal English is crucial to a writer wishing to communicate.

D6 The Alhambra by Washington Irving

I did not know that the utopian view of Moorish Spain came into the US via Washington Irving, nor that he had been the US Ambassador to Spain. Both facts stem from his book of stories and essays, The Alhambra.

D8 How to Read Marvel’s Silver Age

I have gained access to pretty much all of the 1960s Marvel Comics. I have always been more of a DC guy, but I decided I wanted to read about the birth of the Marvel Age of comics as readers in the 60s did. While compiling a month-by-month listing I came across this suggested reading order. I am using it instead, mostly out of laziness.

D12 Alarums and Excursions

Did you know the oldest, continuously published roleplaying APA is still around? Not only is it still around but you can buy every issue all the way back to 1975 as a scanned PDF as well as contribute to next’s month issue? Well, now you do.

Video of the Week

I do not want to live in a low-trust society, but it seems the existence of a high-trust society is taken for granted by the people who have the biggest role in maintaining it.

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