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Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. Usually, I don’t bother noting that on the blog.

But I have blogged in a few weeks and today’s a pretty big birthday. It’s not one of those round numbers or anything.

It’s the birthday two weeks after I went to the ER for GI issues that had lasted several days only to be taken to another hospital by helicopter for emergency heart bypass surgery the next morning.

I went to the ER two weeks ago today, Tuesday, October 27th. I had emergency surgery Wednesday, October 28th.

Only on Friday, October 30th did I realize what all the above means, in terms of how close a call it was.

So, today I can’t do much as a recovering heart surgery patient.

But I am here today. As rolled into the ER I did three things. I recited The Nicene Creed; I said the Lord’s Prayer; I thanked God for the life I had lived and accepted his judgment if I was to have more life or not.

Yet even given that, the weight of how close a shave it was took two more days.

So, Happy Birthday to me. I’m here, and that beats cake.

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