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Groundhog Day Resolutions Review, 2021-04-04

It might not seem like it, but this is actually my best resolution progress in years. I have made two reflections in a row. This indicates mindfulness and commitment I did not have in 2020 or 2019. That alone is a positive step. I think at this rate the two new identities will be firmly in place by 12/12. The big question is will writing be refreshed and move forward towards my “retire to a final career of writing fiction on 2026/05/10” goal.

Past the Longest Night

I am not sure I am quite ready for the mosh pit, but the Masquerade is listing shows again. On March eighth they’ll be hosting Swallow the Sun, Infected Rain, and Tómarúm. I intend to be at the show and on the floor. Samples from the bands are interspersed throughout the post.

Groundhog Day: Processes

Two weeks ago, I made a post about starting my Groundhog Day resolutions planning. After looking at areas in my life to consider, I pointed out back in December I started a list of processes I might focus on this year. Today, we’ll look at that list and see where it fits in the six areas to which I had narrowed my thinking.