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Open Thread

It’s the fifth of the month and that means the newsletter is out. What did you think about Chamomile’s story? Do you have any hints about dealing with now over four months of isolation at home? Anything else on your mind? Well, this is your open forum to discuss it.

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  1. BobtheRegisterredFool BobtheRegisterredFool

    I’m still reading, just am often having difficult having opinions, or getting them out.

    Lot of writing/organization challenges I’m in the middle of.

    I do think ‘all tact and no trolling makes Bob much, much more crazy’ is true often enough. But it turns out that I can do very well when I have something to do that is more interesting than trolling, and I don’t forget I have that level of interest. (My long term memory can be okay, but short and medium can get pretty confused when I’m busy. I’ve never learned habits for using paper to track that are adequate for what I’m currently trying to do.)

    I think the actual fifth may have been when the thought came to mind “Well, study and write about enough interesting stuff, and you will get some nice FBI agents to come by for a fun little chat.” Yesterday was the start of a convo at ATH over my skepticism about whether a 1910s nuclear WWIII is an easily justified AU. Today I got some reading suggestions.

    That is interesting, but isn’t any of the ‘more interesting than trolling’ things.

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