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Sunday Reading

The last Sunday in March is here, and it appears the lion is roaring one last time. Today at noon was over 20 degrees cooler than yesterday with rain the forecast. I need to mow the yard, but I don’t think that will happen today. I guess it is good that I have Sunday reading.

D4: SETI Come Home

It is thrilling to look for aliens around other stars, but one solution to Fermi’s Paradox is they are already here. Looking for a Bracewell Probe is a way to test that idea.

D6: Is It Parody?

I think they most prescient idea on this page is the comment about PewDiePie. It is now a one a week story on mainstream sites.

D8: The Old Solar System

While I love Smith’s writing he is not my first choice as inspiration for a science fantasy game set in the world before Mariner. That would easily be Leigh Brackett. However, Needles has written several quality posts about a campaign based on Smith’s writing. I like that he is pulling in the various SIEGE Engine games. I have been thinking of using Castles & Crusades for regular fantasy, but adding the Amazing Adventures generic class abilities rules.

D12: How Your Books Will Be Judged

Indie is all the rage in publishing. Like it or not, as a writer, the technological revolution of the past few years. While publishing as a small, entrepreneurial is better for writers overall IMHO, it means you have to do it all. It means you have to arrange covers and, old cliches notwithstanding, those are how your books are judged. Over at Mad Genius Club Sarah Hoyt is running a [series on making the most basic of covers]. If you are looking to indie publish soon, I recommend them.

D20: Homebuilt ZX80/ZX81

I recently bought a pair of [Timex Sinclair 1000] computers as part of my retro-computing hobby. However, why buy when you can build one. My HDP–12 project and my COSMAC Elf project are at the top of the list, but I may try this one some day.

Video of the Week

A woodworker’s workbench made with three tools for $30? Even if you don’t build it there is a lot to learn in this project.

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