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April Groundhog Day Resolutions Review

It is time for the second review of my Groundhog Day Resolutions. I had planned a more thorough discussion, especially of my failure to get any traction on my second resolution, Write a Short Story a week. However, I am very under the weather. Instead, I’ll write up the motivation related material for regular blog post next week and just do a quick review.

Resolution One: Read a story, a poem, and an essay daily. Since 3/3 I have read all three 21 out of 31 days or roughly 70%. Since 2/2 I have done the reading 48 out of 59 days. Progress on this goal is good.

Resolution Two: Write a story a week. I have finished none this past month and only one to day this year. I am failing at this resolution. As I said in the introduction I have some thoughts as to why which I’ll discuss next week.

Resolution Three: Run a 5k. I have the race selected, Miles to Margaritas 5K Atlanta, and I have registered. I will train up for it using the Couch to 5K program.

So, good progress on two and no progress on one. That isn’t really a passing grade. I need to up my game in April.

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