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Sunday Reading 2017-01-14

D4: Sounds like bullsh*t

An Austin band decides Autotune isn’t misused enough and makes a ruined version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.  I tried to listen to the whole thing and couldn’t.  The author’s first big point, at 30 million copies of Nevermind sold, Nirvana was a great pop band.

D6: When Airlines were on the ground

I’ve walked a good part of the Airline and the road that last owned it before the New York, New Haven, & Hartford, the New York & New England, is a big inspiration for my model railroading.

D8: Falcon Heavy Test Fires Tomorrow

To quote a former vice president, this is a “big fucking deal”.  When the Falcon Heavy flies it will be the highest payload booster in regular service.

Video of the Week

I watched this and just kept thinking, “Try not to be too optimistic.”  However, my plan to career transition has eight years and if Mr. Anderle can do it in one with his level of effort I should be able to make it in mine.

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