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Sunday Reading 2018-04-08

D4: Restarting the Atomic Age

I grew up reading a lot of 50s and 60s science fiction which had dates in the Year Atomic or some similar structure. Atomic power was a back ground assumption in all of them. In fact, in Foundation the return to using fossil fuels was taken as evidence of a culture being barbaric. Perhaps the Skunk Works will provide us with a peaceful Year Zero Atomic in the next decade.

D6: Cancers with Stomachs
D8: People Who Are Their Own Twin

These two stories bring us the weird and wild world of genetics. Physicists seem to think quantum theory is the home of all strangeness, but when has a cosmic string been this strange.

D10: Dungeons & Dragons and Freedom

I never knew about Gary’s FBI file although I was familiar with the early 80s investigation. It was around a game known as Top Secret which I played to death in eighth and ninth grade. As for the freedom to be creative all I can say is this past Friday my players have started a new religion, the faith of Ursa the Bear God, Breaker of Chains. It stems from stories passing among slaves in the campaign world of a great bear killing slavers and freeing captive. The stories are true and are about a party member who had started, in her sleep, to hear their prayers.

Safe to say this is nothing like the campaign arc I had planned when we started.

Video of the Week:

Even as a Dire Straights fan I will admit there have been times when The Sultans of Swing has been overplayed, although nothing like Money For Nothing which isn’t even a better song. That said, I would have never believed a metal cover of Sultans could work. I was wrong.

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