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Past the Longest Night

As 2020 comes to a close I finally come back to the blog.

I would like to say I’m mostly recovered from the most perilous event of 2020, but that is not true. While my heart beats easier and more evenly, I still find I can tired more easily than a year ago. My mind, however, is clearer than it was much of the year. I am left wondering if I much of the mental exhaustion I spent the year chalking up to being locked down to various degrees was in part a decrease in blood flow in general as my heart struggled.

I am back at work. While I had medical leave approved through late January, I was going stir crazy enough with work prior to all this. Without work I was completely disconnected from the world. Working from home the commute is under fifty feet, so I decided I was ready to do it again.

I am not sure I am quite ready for the mosh pit, but the Masquerade is listing shows again. On March eighth they’ll be hosting Swallow the Sun, Infected Rain, and Tómarúm. I intend to be at the show and on the floor. Samples from the bands are interspersed throughout the post.

That is the only thought out plan I have for 2020. There will be a restart of cardiac rehab which I started in Pennsylvania and stopped when I returned to Georgia. I have started using Emacs for all my non-day job writing. There I still use vim as I cannot afford the loss of productivity learning another editor brings. Will I shift to Emacs completely at some point? I doubt it. I suspect I will find some tasks more natural in each.

I want to return to the Bradbury Challenge’s writing side. I have not produced a short story in a single week. Driving myself to do that week in and week out will help build the habit of writing I now have less than five and a half years to develop if I am to maintain my current plan.

Beyond that, I do not know. I will start tomorrow, 1/1, to work on my Groundhog Day habits, as opposed to resolutions, for this year. While 2020 was not a good year for them, 2019 was moderately successful. Look for more on the blog over January.

Beyond that, thank you for being here this past year or welcome if this is your first visit.

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