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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an S-list Writer?

According to The Official Alphabetical List of Author Success, an S-list authors are:

  • Authors who’ve written something, but haven’t had any luck selling it yet.
  • Authors with the most incredibly frustrating job in the universe.
  • The Future of Writing.

Cute, where did that come from?

After he was called a D-List writer, Larry Correia set out to figure out what that meant. The result was the official list. While the naming him a D-List author was meant to be an insult, it turns out the accuser was a Z-Lister.

Is it true you like cats more than people?

That is what it says on my Twitter Bio, but it’s more complex than that. In general I like the company of cats more than the company of people. I know many people whose cats I like more than them, but no one I like more than their cats.