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Guest Post and Vacation

First thing, I have a guest post at my friend Sarah Hoyt’s blog, According to Hoyt.

I have the start of a companion post which was to be today’s post here. One of my systems I’m working to establish in September is regular posting.

But I’m also on vacation in Pigeon Forge, Tennesse. Today’s highlight was tubing down the Little River. Beyond the joy of being in the water and just lazing for two hours, I also got to break in my official old cat man swim trunks in the featured image.

Tomorrow I return home to my cats and need to get two things ready. First, the fifth is coming which means the next edition of Discordian Numbers, my newsletter. Sign-up today or tomorrow to make sure you get my latest cat picture and some kind of writing.

The other things is a blog post for Saturday that should be the first in a very long series covering my attempt to circle back and fix, somewhat, a regret. I wanted more than anything to attend St. Johns College in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Annapolis, Maryland for their great books program. I didn’t even apply because of the constant question, “what would you do with a degree from there.”

My snarky reply two years out of high school and still valid today is, “I don’t know, but probably not be in the engineroom of a submarine.”

I can’t go back and attend, but I can read the list. After several false start I am trying once again. The basic idea is start at the first item and read at my pace. Every Saturday, begin a blog post on the last seven days of reading to be published the following Saturday.

This Saturday will be the Illiad books I-IV. My big contention is Agamemnon is no Hrothgar.

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