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Tag: modular synth

The Atari Punk Modular

That got me thinking, I could build almost everything in that video with items I had on hand. The only limitation was I did not have enough 100K potentiometers for the Baby 8 sequencer. I might not have exact resister or capacitor values, although I doubt that, but even if I don’t have the right ones you can get close. A quick order to Amazon could solve the potentiometer problem. Thus was the “Atari Punk Modular” born.

Modular Project Update

First of all, I have decided to go with the Eurorack format. The biggest reason is if I’d like to add professional modules, Eurorack is where the action is. There are Eurorack versions of the classic Wiard 300 series modules. Maths is one of the most talked-about modules out there. With some power conversions, the PAiA 9700 series can be used. This was the principal factor in pointing me towards Eurorack.

Modular in a Vacation

I would like to use the first VCO from The Preferred Circuits Handbook from Elekcronotes, but it is not a simple build. I may use the simpler All Circuits oscillator, which is similar in design but has fewer outputs. I have also considered the Look Mum No Computer oscillator, based on the CEM3440 chip. I need something tunable I can build in about three hours.