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In Like a Lion

To begin the new year, Mary Spender, a guitar and music YouTuber, decided to post a video every day for the month of January.  The idea was multi-fold, but a key idea was to provide an accountability partner for New Year’s Resolutions.  The idea was if you’d set a resolution to do something daily, such as practice guitar, when you saw Mary had posted a video you stopped and did your daily thing before or while watching the video.  About two-thirds of the way through the month she found, instead of burning out from daily work, she was revitalized.

So, I am going to give something similar a shot here.  In theory, this blog is updated Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.  Oh, and there is in theory a Saturday series about reading the Saint John’s College reading list.  You can scroll down and see how in theory this is.  Yet, there was a time when I blogged twice a week or more, as I discussed in my Groundhog Day resolutions post last month.  While I notice most in reading my old gaming blog is that I didn’t edit myself much.  This has a bad side, in that those posts need proofreading badly.  The good side, and much more important to me, is the lack of editing allowed ideas to pour out.  While when I go back and read some of that blog I cringe, I also see ideas that still inform my gaming to this day. I was proud of

When I look at the period of writing fiction that produced “The Visions of Cireb” was a similar ability to let go.  Sure, only two stories from that period have been shared in some form. “The Visions of Cireb” is on Amazon.  I am publishing “The Lost Daughter of Amazons” on WattPad.  There are a few other stories from that era I finished, but have left in a draw.  The period ended with my one novel.  Since then, I have become afraid to write that freely.

Having to write every day, about something, just to get a blog post, might be what I need to break the damn.  I have a longer, more traditional blog post in first draft for tomorrow.  Wednesday, of course, will be my Groundhog Day resolutions update.  Beyond that, there isn’t a plan beyond having at least a few hundred words about something up every day at 6 pm here in Georgia.

The question I’m interested in answering is, will I burn out or will this be the spur that gets me writing again? Will, like Mary Spender, I find that in the doing is the spark that inspires more, and better, doing. That is my hope, but the only way to know is by trying.

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