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Maybe It Mattered

So I went to trivia tonight. There was exactly zero political talk from the host. I did over here and complaining to someone who was told he wasn’t supposed to editorialize. Tough luck, maybe you should have done that less.

Here’s the thing, there’s still a cost to all of this. The host place songs while people are trying to answer questions. This host uses Spotify so a lot of people will request songs. The host is really into music and so some of us try to request unusual or less well-known bands in part to share music we like with him. I used to do that all the time.

I don’t feel like I can anymore. That’s the price to politicizing everything, you make it so people who have different politics don’t feel like they can be friendly.

There were ways he could have avoided this beyond just not editorializing ever. The next easiest to not editorializing would have been to realize the week of the election is probably not the best week to make editorial comments. Having successfully politicized almost every aspect of life, people with leftist center views might want to consider that they are leaving people not like them raw every election season.

I will admit the rawness of the still ongoing counting and magical vote finding was a big part of why I reacted so negatively relative to the past. But realizing that there is a time and place for politics would for most people lead to realizing trivia is not the time or the place. Expecting the more subtle just after the election is not the time is probably too much.

I’m completely different topic, tonight I learned who Sofía Vergara is.

I had to go to Walmart and every time I go I see a ad for jeans from her featuring a fetching young lady who always assumed was her. I just never recognized her.

I suspect that shows how out of touch I am with popular culture. According to Wikipedia she was the highest paid actress on American television from 2013 to 2020. She appeared on the show Modern Family which I’m vaguely familiar with..

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