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Sunday Reading: 2020-07-05

Today is the Fourth Sunday of Matthew. It is the feast day of Venerable Athanasius of Athos.

Today’s Epistle is the Epistle of St. Paul to the Galatians. (5:22–6:2)

Today’s Gospel is The the Holy Gospel according to St. Matthew. (8:5–13)

Reading Rolls

D4: Learning from Mr. Dent

Lester Dent
Lester Dent

The Lester Dent pulp master plot has been a godsend as I try to write a story a week as advised by Ray Bradbury. What is amazing is how adaptable it is.

D6: If it’s good enough for Elric and Hawkmoon

For example, Michael Moorcock used it for sixty thousand word novels. Given my love of some of Moorcock’s novels at that length, especially the Hawkmoon books, I think internalizing Dent is a good move.

Video of the Day

Powerpoint animations are Turing complete. That is all.

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  1. BobtheRegisterredFool BobtheRegisterredFool

    I’m maybe going to need to reread Dent before too long.

    I’m overdue on a Swain reread, and have Bickham and Chester on my to-do list when I decide I have money and time.

    But maybe Warren Murphy is who I should try?

    Good luck with the story a week.

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