Regular Visits


Sarah Hoyt

One of my favorite active authors. Her Shapeshifters books are a fun urban fantasy series, but my real love is her future history. It isn’t the happiest but it is the most compelling one I’ve read in years. I might be the best since I was introduced to Heinlein’ The Past Through Tomorrow.

Writing Information

Mad Genius Club

The first writing blog I followed. In fact, I was following it before I dusted off my thoughts of writing, which date back to junior high and have made periodic appearances. Their iconoclasm and championing of indie were a big part of my getting back into the groove.

The Everyday Novelist

This is the podcast I am most up to date in terms of listening. In one respect this is hard as it is every day. In another respect it is easy because the podcast is generally fifteen minutes or less. I have found it to be a great help in keeping me going in terms of writing everyday and getting things done.

The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn was actually the first writer’s podcast I stumbled upon. I have been listening back somewhat but not as deeply as The Everyday Novelist given each podcast is roughly an hour. It was through The Creative Penn I discovered The Everyday Novelist. It is also where I got the key to getting over the what next hump.

Writing Excuses

Just as I found The Everyday Novelist via The Creative Penn I found Writing Excuses via the former. While it is in many ways one of the most technical of the podcasts it is also the one I like the least. While good writers and often offering good advice the principle are committed to certain views I believe limit creativity. They are also very traditional publishing focuses and given without indie I wouldn't be considering writing as a second career, much less looking at what a full career change would involve, their business content seems less useful.