NaNoWriMo Day 8

Word Count at Midnight: 11076

It was a good day. I got 2272 words when I honestly expected to get none. Work was not a good day and I was exhaust, mind and heart, when I got home. I had not written before work. In terms of energy I probably should write before work but my prime creative time starts about 4-5pm.

I was technically a bit long of my new 1800-2200 range but I stopped at a natural point. I know some writers stop mid-sentence if they are at word count or time limit but I am not that brave.


The story is moving along. I don't feel it is completely horrid. I’ll take that for now.

On the Everyday Novelist for today in NaNoWriMo Sawyer takes us on a side trip about stakes. I’ll admit I worry about this. I think I have am telling the most important thing in the character’s life. However, I am not sure I have revealed it well enough to engage the reader for something around 16-20% in. The fact that Nelson is leading a migration of a nomadic tribe is here, but we have not yet revealed why. In part this is because I do not know why yet. I have one, maybe two, ideas.

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