NaNoWriMo Day 7

Word Count at Midnight: 8804

Yesterday I wrote 1944 words. That make up about a quarter of my gap in terms of the linear 1667 word per day of NaNoWriMo. It also was pretty tight to 2000 words. I am thinking of revising my 2000 +/- 500 to 2000 +/- 200.

I am very happy with that word count for another reason. For the first time I am moving away from specific incidents in my model novel. While the overall plot and two of the main characters and their relationship are still close parallels I am creating my own incidents.

Finally, I did those 2000 words in two hours. That is about average but I let myself get distracted in details about sound changes in the US South and North that I am using to drive name changes (the story is set in roughly 2380). If I had put off the name changing or fixing until later I probably would have done it in 90 minutes or so.

Everyday Novelist is about setting and richness of setting. Perhaps my bit of sound changes contribute to such richness.

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