Sunday Reading

In an effort to get back to blogging we’re doing some re-arranging. For one thing Monday Pointers is becoming Sunday Reading.

The goal is Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday posting every week and others as they strike me.

D4: Make Something

Or, to quote from The Curse of the Greyface:

But to choose the creative over the destructive is an all-creative trip.

D6: Origins of a Guilty Pleasure

Gor is not my favorite sword and planet series but it has been a bit of a guilty pleasure. The books are uneven and if the philospher of sex and sexualty can be a bit much I will admit a lot of the slave girl imagery is appealling (as my friends Z and T will attest). With NaNoWriMo coming I have toyed with the idea of my own sword and planet and this essay is going to lead to research.

D8: Unit Testing for Javascript

I have really gotten into Javascrpt mainly because of its Scheme and Self influneces. So far the biggest outside library I am using is for unit testing.

Video of the Week:

I might be in the midst of my own version of this using the 17 inch screen from a dead HP.

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