Monday Pointers

D4: Sandwich Snob Defines Cool
D6: But Michael Kelly Did It Better

David Brooks, fresh off making an ass of himself by acting above everyone while explaining how acting above everybody gave us Trump has decided to define “cool” and contrast it to “woke”. Normally this is where you say something like, “Don’t quit your day job.” The problem is this is Brook’s day job.

One good result is in response Glenn Reynolds linked the Michael Kelly article on cool which is much better. The discussion of how Rick and Archie are, underneath it all, squares with something they believe in and will fight for, is exactly the thing I was after in explaining why I like detective fiction.

D8: Disney Actually Closed a Park

I am not sure which surprises me more, that Disney closed a park or that the story is on AOL, which hasn’t closed.

D10: The Oldest Commissioned Warship in the World

Despite several news stories about the USS Constitution, which has just finished a refit, being the oldest it is not.

Video of the Week:

Dean Wesley Smith is becoming very influential in my move to build a writing career, at least on the business side. This week’s interview with Joanna Penn about intellectual property writes is well worth the listen especially if you have not yet grasped that writers are in the intellectual propery management business.

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