The End of NaNoFiMo

I will not be finishing the novel I have been writing since April this month.

Well, I guess that depends on how you define finishing. The novel is finished in a sense.

I deleted it this morning. It is finish as in ended, but not as in completed.

In deleting it I broke Heinlein’s second rule: You must finish what you write. It was stopping me from following the first rule: You must write.. If you do not write you cannot finish.

In the environment where an unfinished work is something whose continuation only brings pain, pain sufficient to keep you from the keyboard, I see no choice but to sacrifice that work. The other choice is to not only quit writing it, but to quit writing altogether. The rules have an order in which they must be completed.

Rule three, however, is being defeated with the story Keyed and Locked. I have copy-edits in hand. Over the next week those corrections will be made and on August 12 I will submit it to Fantasy & Science Fiction. The delay is only because they have temporarily closed submissions. My assumption is summer vacation for staff. I am going there first even with the wait as they are know for quick turn around. Talking with Vanessa G. I have a “top three” to whom I will submit fantasy and science fiction before trying lower markets.

I do want to finish two partially completely stories this month. I have briefly mentioned In the Darkness Bind Them. I need to research a good first target for submission. It isn’t science fiction or fantasy just a modern tale on a submarine.

I also have Cavemen of Mars started. It is in the same broad universe as The Visions of Cireb and Keyed and Locked. It occurs some ten to twenty years after the latter. It will go to the top three mentioned above.

Have you abandoned any works? What led you to do so?

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