While I have finished a story which will go up on the site Sunday I have one real focus in writing this month.

This month I will finish my first novel. I have been dawdled and need to stop. So I have declared July my personal NaNoFiMo: National Novel Finishing Month.

Original the goal was about 60,000 words. As I have written and fleshed out my plot it has come closer to 45,000 words. This might seem short for a novel. After all even N but our sense of novel length has been warped since about 1990. Using the rule of thumb of 250 words per page a 50,000 word NaNoWriMo novel has 200 pages. Looking at novels that predate my graduating high school in 1985 this is the higher end.

In fact, the novel that is my closest novel, The Sins of the Fathers by Lawrence Block has 186 pages. By the rule of thumb it has 46,500 words.

I started this novel, currently titled Queen Takes Knight, sometime in April. The first entry in my word count log is April 4, exactly three months ago. I had 156 words. At the end of June I had 18383 words.

Last Friday when I was done writing for the day I calculated I needed to write 1020 words per day to reach NaNoWriMo's 50,000 by the end of July. I think the book will be done by then but I wanted some margin.

In four days I have written 1979 so I am behind by quite a bit. I now need 1098 per day to hit that 50,000 before August.

Pulling this off will, like a normal NaNoWriMo, require new habits. However, they are the habits needed for a career in writing. In fact, to change careers I think I need to write at least 2,000 words a day which amounts to a novel a month using the standard of the novels I read in high school.

That is a grand goal for the future. The first step to twelve novels (or the equivalent in novels and shorts) a year is finishing my first.

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