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D4: Women Have Always Written Space Opera
D6: Why Were They Forgotten?
D8: The Appendix N Answer

I want to say “DUH!” but recent stories about how women are finally allowed (allowed?) to write in various science fiction and fantasy genres are wisdom at cons. What is very sad is several of the women she lists are not only on my “oh, she has new book out” list but were among the first authors on that list. In fact, the only man on it prior to the 90s was Heinlein.

Judith Tarr gave her reason in the first post. I gave mine about a month ago in a post on this blog. Cirsova has his own in the second link. Jeffro also has one over at Castalia House's blog in the third link. If Cirsova and Jeffro are right about Brackett I suspect a transcribing and eBook project is in order. Brackett needs to be remembered for more than her amazing screenplays. The only person who showed us the real Mars even half as well as Edgar Rice Burroughs.

D10: Big Dipper this here’s a Rubber Duck and I’m about to jump to hyperspace

Tim Brannon is working on a new mini-supplement for White Star which is pure 70s rpg insanity. It is the kind of craziness that seems to have bled out of the D&D scene in particular but also rpgs in general. I suspect this is one reason T&T has been my con and pickup game of choice for two decades. It is nearly impossible not to get this kind of craziness in that game.

D12: Meanwhilte at Kotaku

You like to play a different way that’s one thing, but I think if you claim to be a long time D&D fan and despite Gary Gygax’s legacy you are missing the plot. Also, the author either had hugely limited play experience in the early days or, as seems more likely, was not around for those days. I am a pretty poor source for those early days in terms of variety but at least I was there and playing with adults not just my peers. The DM was not a tyrant then and to be brutally honest most players who came in after the release of third edition (a group I suspect includes the author) act a lot less free in their play styles. They are more slaves to the rulesbooks than players were fourty yearts ago.

Oakes shows us with the DMG the mistake behind this article but not as you’d expect.

Video of the Week:

I have mentioned this podcast as a big help in getting over the conceptual leap of writing a novel so why not make it the video of the week.

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