Things of Beauty

We’re given a great gift and a great responsibility which is to tell stories as honestly as we can and experience things in the process that are beautiful. - David Mamet

I think I got my first real inkling of art from a review. I do not remember what was reviewed or exactly where I read it although I think it was in the Weekly Standard. I can place it to roughly 1998-2000. What has stayed with me twenty year is the line (roughly remembered):

Old masters of 70 and 80 would have their assistants tie the brushes to their arthritic hands and paint angels and virgins as though they had heard of them only yesterday.

Old men and women who had no business holding a brush painting things of beauty as if they had just heard of them.

That is how I finally understood art. Art, in any medium, is about striving to express the transcendent beauty you can see with your soul art is about things of beauty.

I was reminded of these thoughts while reading up not on art but on improving my blog. One reoccurring theme was “who is your target audience?”. That was pretty easy when I was actively maintaining People to Be. My target audience was those interested in roleplaying games with a focus on pre-1985 or so games.

Here it is a bit different. I have talked about roleplaying games. However, Monday Pointers is often goes weeks without an single roleplaying link. My music is a theme in early posts. I have brought up my wood working. Of late, my efforts on learning to write dominate the posts.

This post, however, is a bit over all of those. What do music, wood working, roleplaying, and writing all have in common? They are about creating things. I have avoided politics for the most part except where they intersect with creativity with yesterday being a good example. By temperament I am much more interested in creating beautiful things.

So, my target audience is people interested in the creation of beautiful things. I am going to focus much more on making sure every post contributes to conversations about the creation of beautiful things although that is a pretty broad mandate which could range from writing better dialog to getting good tone on the flute to the design of a new guitar stand to emergent story from my Friday game to reviews on how books hit or missed their possible beauty.

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