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Heinlein's Rules for Writers Rule One: You Must Write Rule Two: Finish What Your Start Rule Three: You Must Refrain From Rewriting, Except to Editorial Order Rule Four: You Must Put Your Story on the Market Rule Five: You Must Keep it on the Market until it has Sold - Robert A. Heinlein

Back in August I wrote a post called The Score about my adaptation of a game Dean Wesley Smith played with authors. They called it The Race and you got points for having short stories and novels out in submission. You got one point for every short story out and five for every novel. I adapted the rules to fit the modern indie world with novels counting if published as an indie author but shorts scoring for being out for submission.

After all, an unknown writer who submits shorts can, if he starts getting personalized rejections, treat them as writing lessons. Stephen King did from his first personalized rejection way back in the day. The lesson he learned, about length, stuck with at least as recently as the late 1990s because he mentions it and its enduring effect in his book On Writing.

If an unknown writer starts getting accepted instead of rejected it is a good first step to being a known writer. You are getting advertising as readers who like your story will probably search your name both on their search engine of choice and eBook publisher of choice. Plus, instead of paying for advertising you are getting paid for it to run.

As I said in that original post I would put it in the sidebar on my site.

Yesterday the sidebar said 0 for my score. As of 23:27:56 last night I was able to change it to 1. I have submitted a short story for publication.

I have scored for the first time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to write so I can score again.

I was told if Trump was elected

People would be asked to leave establishments for sitting at the wrong lunch counter.

And I was right.

More here. I guess the “Don’t assume” part of the safe space policy only applies to people you like.

Sunday Reading

D4: You’re a Writer?

While that is what Z asks me when I speak poorly the link is a good talk for The Everyday Novelist on just that question. I also recommend the book Just Write which has a “rate yourself” test in a handful of categories and a plan of attack for it. I have the list and have been working on my dialogue based on it.

D6: Savage Rifts Resources

So far this is the most comprehensive page I have found on the topic today. If you have others please let me know in the comments.

D8: The Grand Campaign

This is the kind of campaign I thought Dungeons&Dragons was supposed to be back in junior high school. While it isn’t the sine qua non of a successful campaign it is still something I long to create.

Video of the Week:

I almost picked a Drunkens & Dragons video where he shows off what is in his notebook but decided making a notebook is more interesting.

Rifts Laramie I


Tomorrow night I start a new game with half of my regular Dungeons & Dragons Type IV group plus my wife. The game system is Savage Worlds. One of my regulars, Izzy, is a huge fan of the system. Jeremy has recently started running an urban fantasy campaign in it with his wife Liz, also one of my players, as a player. I have own a ton of settings for the system.

My campaign is set in Rifts. While I will be using the rules of the recently released Savage Worlds version I will not be using its normal setting, The Tomorrow Legion. The idea is pretty cool and may show up the default doesn’t appeal to me for one big reason: it is set in PA 109 after the fall of Tolkeen. I would much rather start in the now of the original Rifts core book, PA 100.

The original idea from this campaign dates to late 2014 when I tried to get a Rifts game going that failed to launch. Looking back it is some of my favorite work of my own. Most of it does not need translation at all. I’ll be posting bits of the old material and new stuff as I write it. Today will be a brief introduction to Rifts Laramie.

Laramie 100 PA

Today Laramie, Wyoming is a county seat of around 31,000 people. It sits along I-80 and the Union Pacific railroad mainline that was the original transcontinental railroad. The University of Wyoming, where I attended music camp three times, is there. It is in a high plain between two mountain ranges at over 7,000 feet above sea level. The Laramie river through town.

In the original Rifts core book we get the following about Wyoming:

The American sector once known as Wyoming is a range of grassland and dense forest where faerie folk abound. There is a feeling of magic about the entire place, although there are no apparent mystic or supernatural forces at work.

Neither Rifts: New West or Rifts: Spirit West mention Laramie directly. New West has this to say about Wyoming as a whole:

Wyoming is a place of extremes. Sagebrush steppes, prairie grasslands, scrub, and tall hills in its center and southeast; mountains and canyons, plus hot springs and more prairies, in the southwest corner; mountains, canyons, rivers, and forested wilderness of evergreen trees and alpine scrub in the northwest (Yellowstone National Park); scattered patches of flat grasslands broken by hills, peaks, and deciduous forests in the southern half and northeast; the Continental Divide slashes diagonally across the territory.

It is also noted that Cyber-Knights have a strong presence in the state and it is one candidate for their training grounds. Justice Rangers are occasionally seen. Spirit West gives an idea of Native American presence which is strongly Traditionalist. This faction rejects tech in favor of ancient ways and spirit magic.

Except for putting the hot springs mostly in the wrong place this description resembles the Wyoming in which I spent most of my youth. I think I’ll leave them in their new location as an effect of the rifts on the Yellowstone super volcano.

I originally wanted to use Casper, where I was for elementary and junior high school. It is where I played a lot of D&D too. However, it is the basis of the Traditionalist realm so I am using Laramie.

Next week I’ll put my revised version of the Narrative Hook table. Mostly I am changing references to the Juicer Uprising and the Tolkeen War. I may make some other entries more New West/Spirit West specific. I will also detail Laramie with actual gaming information.

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